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This is your step by step guide from getting your permit all the way to getting your drivers license. (For ages 15 to 18)

  1. Complete Drivers Education

    1. You must complete an online Driver Education Course before you can get your permit!
    2. You can’t get your permit until you are 151/2 years old, so you want to complete this course before then.
    3. We now offer this course!! Click here to sign up
  2. Getting your Permit!

    1. You have to pass a test at DMV to get your learners permit issued.
    2. You do not need an appointment, but if you want one, Click Here to schedule it.
    3. You will need to bring certain things with you to DMV. here is the list:
      1. Certificate of Completion of Driver Education. (this is usually mailed to you as you need an original)
      2. DMV Form DL44 (Signed by both Parents) Must be the original form, can’t be a copy.
      3. Certified copy of Birth Certificate.
      4. Social Security Number
      5. $32 cash or check
      6. Two forms of proof of residency. (PGE Bill, Att bill, Credit card statement)
    4. Once you are there with everything ready, you will be given a 46 question, multiple choice test.
      1. They will also take your Photo
      2. A vision test will be given. If you wear glasses make sure you take them with you!
      3. A thumb print
    5. If you pass this test, you will be issued your Provisional learners permit!!!!
      1. This permit is not valid until you have completed your first behind the wheel training with a certified driving instructor.
  3. Drivers Training (Behind The Wheel)

    1. You must complete 6 hours of Driving Training with a licensed instructor and drive with a parent (or a person over 25 who is a licensed driver) for 50 hours, 10 of which must be at night. You can’t get your drivers license for 6 months from the date your permit was issued. We will make sure we help remind you of that date.
      1. We schedule the 6 hours of Driving Training in two hour blocks. The first lesson will be as soon as possible after your permit is issued so your permit can be activated. Then you will schedule the next drive about 3 months later, and then schedule the last lesson a couple of weeks before your scheduled drive test at the DMV.
      2. The cost for everything is $285. You may pay as you go and we can collect $95 when we pick you up for each drive if you would like.
    2. Check with your insurance about adding you to the policy. Most don’t make you add to the policy until you are a licensed driver.
    3. Parents, please see the Parents tab on the menu at the top of the page for important information on driving with your child. It should answer most of your questions.
    4. Our instructors with work with your child to teach them the skills needed to be a safe driver and to pass the DMV drive test!
  4. Drive Test at DMV (This is to get your Driver’s License)

    1. Pay attention to the following. You will not be allowed to take the test unless you have the following:
      1. Schedule an appointment with DMV. Click here to schedule one. Make sure you do this with plenty of time in advance because they do book up.
      2. Certificate of completion of Driver’s Training. (We will provide this at the end of your 3rd drive)
      3. Have your permit with you, signed by both parents.
      4. A safe vehicle to take your test in. (Must have all working lights, blinkers, mirrors, brake lights and good tread on the tire)
      5. Copy of the vehicle registration
      6. Proof of insurance.
    2. The drive test is approximately 15 minutes long. Relax, have fun and pass that test.

That’s it!! You will have a licensed driver after this. It is a pretty simple process.

Just remember all of the rules of driving when you have a provisional license. The main one is no transporting minors, or driving between 11:00 PM and 5:00 AM unless you are accompanied by a licensed driver 25 years old or older.