Hello Parents, we know this is a very stressful time in your lives and hopefully we can make it just a bit easier. The first thing you will want to do is check out our Start Here page. This will give you step by step instructions through this whole process. It is not that bad. It is basically just these steps:

  1. Take the online driver’s education course.
  2. Take the permit test.
  3. Complete the behind the wheel training.
  4. Take the Drive test at DMV
  5. Get your license.

Not bad right? Through some of these steps you will need to work with your child and be as patient as possible.

  1. Online Driver’s Education course

    1. This one is fairly simple for the parents. you might need to help them get logged in, but after that, they will cruise through the course on their own. You may need to remind them once in a while to keep working on it. There is no time limit, they work at their own pace. The course saves their work and they can log back in and pick right up where they left off. After they complete, don’t freak out because it does not print you a completion form. An original has to be prepared and mailed to you.
  2. Take the Permit Test

    1. Again an appointment is not necessary, but probably not a bad idea. just click here to schedule one.
    2. Refer to our Start Here page for ally he details, but the most important thing is to get a certified copy of the birth certificate or the original. A regular copy will not work!
  3. Behind the Wheel training

    1. This is where most parents start freaking out. It is a bit scary, but at least I have a brake on my side in our cars, lol.
    2. After our initial training session, you need to let them drive as often as possible. They should be your new chauffeur. Every time you get into a car, let your child drive. (Avoid freeways and super busy places at the beginning).
    3. Click here for the DMV Parent-Teen Training Guide. This will give you a great head start on what to work on during your drives. Remember, you have been driving a long time, you are pretty much an expert. It just takes patience and time.
    4. Here is a coy of our cheat sheet on what to work on with your child during your drive time.
    5. We will also send home a sheet with your child after their first drive with anything specific to work on that we noticed they need special attention on.
    6. Never yell at them, try to be their coach. Do not nitpick, but make sure they are being safe. Take control of the wheel if needed.
    7. They are required to train 6 hours with us. After the first lesson, you will want to schedule one about 3 months after the permit and the last one right before they take their DMV drive test.
    8. If for any reason you do not think you can handle the 50 hours required for you, we would be happy to take care of that for you. It is $95 for a two hour session.
  4. DMV Drive Test

    1. This one requires your attention. See the requirements on our Start Here page. Make sure the vehicle has all of the working parts as listed!